A Balanced Approach

Students attending the Mike Walsh Memorial Advanced Umpire Clinic will:


►  Examine, discuss & learn how to correctly apply the college rules and their interpretations!

►  Analyze what role the umpire plays in college baseball!

►  Discuss & develop better methods for handling situations at the collegiate level!

►  Receive a video to keep of their plate work from the cages & from their live game plate work!

►  Receive instruction on positioning, timing, voice, & mechanics when working the plate and bases!

►  Receive individual Plate instruction in both cage & live game settings!

In depth classroom instruction...

Attendees will spend time in the classroom going over various situations involving three man mechanics.  Attendees will be taught CCA approved mechanics in an interactive chalk board session.

In addition to on-the-field mechanics, there will be sessions covering advancing in college baseball, proper plate mechanics and handling situations.  ​

On the diamond drills & cage work...


After reviewing mechanics on a dry erase board, all attendees will spend time drilling at a local in door facility, working on positioning on the diamond, basic mechanics and various scenarios. 

Attendees will also have an opportunity to work in the cage one-on-one with an instructor.  Plate stance, working the slot, head height and timing will all be reviewed.  All attendees will be video taped in the cage to allow them to review their mechanics when they return home.

Live game situations...


All attendees will work one full game at each position.  With a 1:1 evaluator to attendee ratio during the game each student well receive real-time feedback and constructive criticism.  Following the conclusion of the clinic each attendee will receive a written evaluation for each position.  In addition, the student's plate game will be video taped for their review.

Based on the written game evaluations scores will be consolidated and submitted to all mid-west area college assignors.